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Enzyme Commission # Class Function
Oxidoreductases catalyze oxidation/reduction reactions
Transferases transfer a functional group (e.g. a methyl or phosphate group)
Hydrolases catalyze the hydrolysis of various bonds
Lyases cleave various bonds by means other than hydrolysis and oxidation
Isomerases catalyze isomerization changes within a single molecule
Ligases join two molecules with covalent bonds
Category Applications
Synthesis of agrochemicals, genetic engineering in plants, bio-degradation of agrochemicals
Bio-fuel production, Bio-fuel cell, energy
Packaged foods and processing, juices, dairy, synthesis, bakery, brewing, biosensors, fermentation, animal feeds, agri-food
Biotechnology, synthesis of chemicals using microbial biocatalysts, industrial application of biocatalysts, bioreactor, molecular biology
Biosensors, enzyme assays, enzyme estimation analysis, diagnostics
Biodegradation of toxic compounds, treatment of industrial wastes and effluents, purification, detoxification
Textile, leather, steel, paper, rubber, fiber, detergents
Diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, drug development, medicine, pharmacology, kits, cosmetics, supporting fine-chemicals
Enzymes with miscellaneous industrial applications
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