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As main page, all search is available. There are two types of search mode. If you know the full or part name of taxon, you can search it in "Taxonomic Name Search" mode easily. But if you do not know exact name or you know some keyword concerned with that taxonomy or organism, "Deep Search" mode can give you the result. For detailed description and usage, click "question mark(?)" in right side of each mode.

Phylogenetic Treee

If you want to select multiple species which are variable clades, this function is very useful. Of course, you can search it on main search funtion by "OR" keyword.

※ Taxonomy information is being updated almost everyday.


If you search some similarity of the 16S sequence which is unknown in taxonomy, this function is totally useful as pre-search stage.


Of course, you can download what you want in main search and taxonomy page. But this page supports to download sequences for old web browsers which are not support HTML5 standard.

About multiple strains which are same

This database is based on NCBI GenBank. In GenBank dataset, there may be two or more same strains which are submitted by several research groups. We also used as it was. So, in example, two of 'Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis ATCC 15697 = JCM 1222' will be shown in the result when you search "Bifidobacterium longum". This is not a bug.

About [name]-style taxon name

The taxonomic informatiion in this database is based on Taxonomy database of NCBI. We asked about this, the official reply was that NCBI's conclusion after post-classification was wrong taxon name, but they will leave it, but include brackets like "[name]" before original author(s) requests to change it. Therefore, researchers should consider these kinds of names in the taxa when using this database.

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